Super Bowl hero was nearly detained by police at Eagles victory parade

Corey Clement of the Philadelphia Eagles was one of the breakout stars of the Super Bowl — a 23-year-old undrafted rookie who had 100 receiving yards and a TD as the Eagles upset the New England Patriots.

But that doesn’t quite mean everybody knows who he is yet. Not even at the Eagles’ own victory parade.

Video has surfaced via Instagrammer JayDubz83 that shows police rushing Clement during the team’s victory parade last Thursday, unaware that he was an Eagles player and not some fan who had jumped over a barricade.

Clement appears to be looking at his phone as a bus drives by. Two officers grab his hoodie and begin to drag him away. That lasts a few seconds until they let him go and signal that he should go somewhere else.

You have to imagine in that moment Clement said something like: “Heeeey, I’m the guy who caught that third-quarter touchdown.”

At least the officers didn’t then ask him for an autograph afterward. Because *that* would have been awkward.

Eagles rookie Corey Clement played a big part in their Super Bowl win, but the Super Bowl parade almost took a wrong turn for him. (AP)

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