Sunny the horse fell in a ravine and was trapped for 2 days, California officials say

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A horse named Sunny fell into a ravine and was trapped for nearly 48 hours, California fire officials said.

Firefighters and a vet got the horse freed from the boulders on Nov. 24 in Temecula, but they couldn’t airlift the animal out of the canyon because of windy weather, the Riverside County Fire Department said in two tweets.

Sunny had minor injuries and could stand, fire officials said.

Kaity Mialma, the horse’s owner, told KTTV the animal became spooked while she was riding him and flipped her off his back. She then had her husband help her find Sunny, who had fallen into a rocky ravine.

“He’s my world. I slept with him for two nights and three days to make sure he was safe,” Mialma said.

After nearly two days, rescuers hoisted Sunny from the rocks, the fire agency said.

Mialma said she and her husband camped next to the rescue horse to keep coyotes away, according to a GoFundMe page created to pay for the rescue fees. An update on the page says the pair won’t be charged for the rescue, but funds are needed for medical expenses.

The couple also had their Thanksgiving meal next to their animal, Mialma told KTTV.

Sunny is now back with his owners.

“I’m so happy to know we can go to bed tonight knowing he is going to be safe and sleeping in the barn tonight and not the side of a mountain where we kept him company (the) last several days,” Chris Mialma said in a Facebook post on Nov. 26.

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