'Summer House' Season 2 premieres tonight, and Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula tell us where the cast spent the summer

It’s mid-January and the summer is just getting started for Bravo fans. Season 2 of Summer House premieres tonight on Bravo, and Kyle Cooke and girlfriend Amanda Batula stopped by The Morning Breath to tell fans what they can expect in the sophomore season.

Besides some cast shake-ups, the biggest change is the location of the Hamptons manse. After spending the summer in Montauk during Season 1, Cooke reveals their new location actually makes things a little easier for a lot of reasons.

“Our house is actually in Southampton this year,” Cooke confirms after rumors swirled that filming was limited to only a few Montauk hot spots during the inaugural season, motivating production to move locations.

“Even the summer before, we were kind of all over the Hamptons, whether it’s a polo event or a party or a beach day. We were all over. It was never about one particular part of the Hamptons, even though we all met out in Montauk once upon a time,” says Cooke.

Girlfriend and full-time cast member Batula added, “I think being in Southampton was more convenient for where we were going out and the activities that we were doing, but all of our friends still rent houses in Montauk, so I think it prevented us a little from hanging out with our friends all the time.”

Living the weekends in Southampton made it an easier commute to the city for the working kids on the show. Working in nine-to-five job, Batula admits the back and forth between career and partying can be draining. “It was a stressful summer for me. I was working the whole week and was going right out to the Hamptons and then would come back Sunday night [or] Monday morning and go straight to work again. There was no downtime.”

Despite the difficult balancing act, Cooke, who was in the middle of establishing a startup during production, admits that it’s just part of the territory. “It’s ingrained in our DNA. We work hard, we play hard. It catches up with you. By the time it’s Labor Day, you’re like ‘Thank God.’”

Season 2 of Summer House premieres tonight at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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