Summer heat hasn’t melted these squirrels, Texas experts say. They’re just ‘splooting’

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How hot is it right now? So hot that “the squirrels are melting,” Texas photos show.

As the sun beats down across the country, some may spy squirrels -- normally bushy-tailed and energetic -- plopped down and spread out like a popsicle on warm pavement.

But don’t be alarmed, wildlife experts say, the squirrels are just “splooting.”

“Squirrels and other mammals position themselves in a ‘sploot’ to get as much of their body surface as possible in contact with a cooler surface and reduce body temperature,” Texas Parks and Wildlife Department said in a Facebook post, sharing a photo of three Dallas/Fort Worth area squirrels demonstrating on someone’s patio.

“I think I would sploot too if I were a squirrel,” one person commented. “I might do it as a human under certain circumstances.”

“We can all learn something from these squirrels,” said another.

Squirrels are known to sploot on the ground, in trees, and on top of roofs, TPWD said, anywhere they can keep cool.

“As temperatures rise don’t be surprised if incidences of splooting increase in your area.”

Another commenter said she’s seen them sploot “all around her home,” adding “they are cute and a mess.”

Over the last week, temperatures ranged from highs of 98 to 102 degrees in Fort Worth. It’s also been in the 90s and hotter in Houston, San Antonio and elsewhere across the state.

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