Subaru Will Debut an ‘Enthusiast-Focused’ WRX TR Soon

subaru wrx tr
Subaru Will Debut an "Enthusiast-Focused" WRX TR Subaru

Subaru on Wednesday teased the announcement of a new WRX TR at a Florida-based Subaru festival on October 7.

The automaker describes this model addition as the first usage of the nameplate since 2006. Subaru says the TR will be "sharper and more enthusiast-focused."

The TR badge was last used more than 15 years ago, when it appeared on a "tuner-ready" WRX that removed most non-essential features to offer the most simple possible basic platform for modification. While that treatment would fit the "enthusiast-focused" description, it is unclear if the weight saved by not painting the side mirrors on the last TR made it in any way "sharper" than the typical WRX. That may be the approach for the new TR, but the teaser photo shard by Subaru shows only a wheel, a Brembo-branded brake caliper, and some contrasting-color side skirts.

Subaru has already announced that the STI, the typical performance-focused variant of the WRX, will not be returning for this generation of the car because of rapidly changing regulations across the world. It is unlikely that the TR is anything close to a replacement for that trim level, but the new variant at least shows a desire to continue courting the enthusiast market during the current generation's production cycle. If an ultimate version of this Crosstrek-based WRX were to eventually arrive, it would likely come with electric assistance and the "STe" badge that the brand reportedly trademarked earlier this year.

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