Stylists Marquise Miller and Aaron Christmon on Bringing Streetwear to Street Style

It takes a village to street style. From photographers to stylists, every effortless Fashion Week snap is thoughtful and arguably more impactful than the runways themselves.

We chatted with stylists Marquise Miller and Aaron Christmon, a duo that brings intention to celebrity styling and infuses streetwear into their most viral moments. Read on for the exclusive interview on what the concept of street style has evolved into and how the social media gaze affects their work.

Street style has all but eclipsed red carpet fashion. How do you approach styling clients for fashion week and what is your unique take or ethos on street style?

Miller: Usually when I approach projects, I start by putting a mood board together and through that process I draw inspiration from mediums such as film, art, literature and television. It really helps me flush out ideas creatively. I always love to bring something different and original to each project.

Christmon: I think its important to hone in on your client’s style and identity. I believe street style is all about having fun, being authentic, and creating moments where we can tell our unique story through wardrobe.

The idea of being a stylist has evolved and expanded thanks in part to social media. Does the social media gaze affect your work in any way?

Miller: Great question! I’m not sure if it affects my approach to work; however, I think it helps bring visibility and awareness to what we do. Our work has the ability to reach the masses. Social media helps us share our narrative globally.

Christmon: I believe social media has created the perfect avenue to discover new designers. Over the years, I’ve uncovered countless brands that I’ve grown to love! Actually, for NYFW we had a really dope moment with No Sesso and with our client Syd. I remember originally discovering them through Instagram. It’s become such a useful tool.

You two have made a conscious decision to infuse streetwear into your work. What brought on that decision?

Miller: Streetwear has evolved into an artist's luxury. I’m all about being relaxed, delicious, and having an athleisure vibe. I also believe that streetwear adds that edge and gives us the ability to create some really unexpected moments. I’m heavenly influenced by UNION LOS ANGELES, Jordan Brand, Bephie's Beauty Supply, Kids of Immigrants, Bricks & Wood, and Honor The Gift.

Christmon: Being from Chicago, a city which has largely impacted the global streetwear landscape, I’d say that has influenced a lot of my work. Elements of its culture has become a fragment of my styling DNA. I love stores like Congruent Space, RSVP Gallery, and Joe Freshgoods for their approach to design and fashion. Music, specifically rap and hip-hop have also contributed to my love for streetwear as well.