This TikTok Creator Made a Chic DIY Coffee Table Using an Unlikely $25 IKEA Product: A Serving Bowl

Something similar from a furniture store could cost thousands of dollars.

True IKEA fans know that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the Swedish furniture store’s most popular products. But no one knows this better than TikToker @cahjahoriedeco, who recently posted the ultimate IKEA hack.

In a post that now has 1.8 million views, home decor influencer Chris-Ann used the IKEA Blanda Matt serving bowl, which retails for $24.99. “Sharing detailed version of the DIY Sphere leg coffee table using the Ikea Bamboo Bowls. Absolutely love the result," she said in her post.

She uses six bowls and makes three spheres using Gorilla wood glue to adhere them to one another. After letting the glue dry for 24 hours, she stains the spheres a deep walnut color. Next, she positions them into a triangle shape and glues a round marble slab to form the tabletop. The result is a chic, modern coffee table with mixed mediums.

“This is by far one of the best Ikea hacks I've seen on this app. Wow!” said one commenter. “Finally, someone does a diy that has flare,” says another.

IKEA hacks have been around as long as the store has existed, but there’s something special about her coffee table. Undoubtedly, you would pay a lot more for a table this shape, size, and style in a high-end store, but knowing you made it with your own two hands is priceless.

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