Gloria Steinem Inspired Dan Levy’s Latest DL Eyewear Launch

Dan Levy looked to the ’70s for DL Eyewear’s fall launch.

“I collect a lot of vintage frames and that period in fashion just produced some of the greatest shapes,” Levy told WWD. “We thought it was time to figure out our path through that era.”

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Gloria Steinem was an influence, said co-creative director and DL Eyewear president Elena Doukas. The 88-year-old feminist organizer, political activist and writer has been known to sport eyewear through the years.

“When I look at any metal aviator it’s hard for me not to think of her,” Doukas said, noting the brand’s “Corrigan” frame. “What I love about this period is that eyewear, specifically, was such a prominent part of style, and an important statement of self. I have always loved what Steinem said, ‘Fashion in the present means being unique and finding oneself.’ That in and of itself set a tone for the whole collection.”

It was in 2013 that Levy launched the West Coast-based company. “Schitt’s Creek” — the sitcom the Emmy-winning writer, director and actor co-created with father Eugene Levy — wouldn’t premiere for another two years. But when it did, ultimately receiving mainstream success, Levy noticed an uptick of sales on his site.

“I think it’s cool that our customers have embraced our philosophy of ‘eyewear as accessories,’” Levy said. “You can build a collection of eyewear in the same way you can shop for shoes or jewelry.”

Dan Levy eyewear
Dan Levy

Since 2020, the company has been supporting Local Initiatives Support Corporations — a nonprofit funding community development projects for the underserved across the U.S. According to Levy and Doukas, DL Eyewear has donated over $60,000 to the cause to date.

Dividing his time between the business and life in Hollywood, Levy spent the summer working on Netflix’s “Sex Education” and HBO’s “The Idol,” out next month, he said.

“Now I’m in Europe about to make something really personal to me,” he added, staying mum on details. He recently launched a new production company, Not a Real Production Company, with longtime publicist Megan Zehmer. “I feel very grateful to get to work on things that I love. That wasn’t always the case.”

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