Sturgeon to make ‘judgment’ on remaining as leader ahead of next election

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Nicola Sturgeon has said she will make a “judgment” on whether to lead the SNP into the next Holyrood election closer to the time, but her “default position” is that she will do so.

The First Minister also said she regrets that she does not have the space to answer such questions more “humanly”.

She was interviewed by LBC’s Iain Dale during an event at the Edinburgh Fringe on Wednesday.

Mr Dale asked her if she was worried about staying in touch after eight years in power.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Ms Sturgeon said her family helped prevent her from losing touch (Jane Barlow/PA)

She said: “I think every person in a position like mine, particularly when you’ve been in a job like this for the length of time I have, you have to constantly be making sure that you are in touch.

“Now, I mentioned earlier on, that in eight years, I’ve fought eight elections as SNP leader.

“That’s a pretty good way of keeping yourself in touch and making sure you’re listening and hearing the messages of people.

“But you should never take that for granted.

“I like to think, in fact I know, that I’m surrounded by a family that if I ever got myself out of touch or above myself, would very quickly drag me back into line.”

Local government elections
Nicola Sturgeon said leading the SNP into the next election was her ‘default position’ (Jane Barlow/PA)

Ms Sturgeon continued: “The default position is that, of course, I will fight the next election.

“But I will make a judgment on that nearer the time, because this is a serious job and anybody in a job like this owes it to the public to make sure that they are certain they are the right person to do it, that they’ve got the energy to do it, that they’ve got the appetite, that they’re prepared to make the enormous commitment that a job like this involves, and to constantly be assessing and reassessing that.

“And I think that’s important, and I will try my best to do that.”

Earlier, Ms Sturgeon said that when she speculates about things she might like to do in future, or tries to answer these questions “a bit more humanly”, this is portrayed as, “Oh, she’s going to stand down, or she’s already thinking about the future”.

She added: “Somehow, you don’t get the space.

“People want you to answer these questions more humanly, but the media often don’t give you space to do that.”