Study finds surprising most common fear

Ludacris, who is the new host of Fear Factor, swung by The Daily Show With Trevor Noah where he revealed the one thing people are most afraid of.

While the show caters to each contestants specific fear, Ludacris did say, "Believe it or not we did a study on what most people are the most scared of." He added, "And you would never believe what it is."

Ludacris then exclaimed, "Birds!" According to a "study" performed by the Fear Factor, the most common fear is ornithophobia. Which is the fear of birds.

While the fear of birds is apparently common, Ludacris said his fear is of a different creature. Ludacris said he is most afraid of, "Sea creatures, sea monsters, and sharks, and all of that. When you're powerless and your out in the middle of nowhere."

Host Trevor Noah revealed his biggest fear is starving. He then joked that when he sees contestants eating worms, which are a common meal in his home country of South Africa, that it makes him hungry.