Studiocanal, Ramón Campos’ Mr. Fields, Bambu Prep ‘Rondallas,’ by ‘Spanish Alexander Payne’ Daniel Sanchez Arevalo (EXCLUSIVE)

European production-distribution giant Studiocanal is teaming with Spain’s Mr. Fields and Friends and Bambú, both led by producer Ramón Campos, on dramatic comedy “Rondallas,” written-directed by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo (“BlueDarkAlmostBlack,” “Cousinhood,” “Seventeen”).

Sánchez Arévalo, one of Spain’s foremost crossover filmmakers, is coming back with “Rondallas” to a movie project oriented to classic cinema theater exhibition and distribution, after creating and directing a feature film and a TV series for Netflix.

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Studiocanal will handle worldwide sales on “Rondallas,” scheduled to roll from March in Galicia, Northern Spain, with a still undisclosed cast.

“Rondallas” is produced by Campos, creator and executive producer of flagship Spanish TV dramas such as “Gran Hotel,” “Velvet,” “Cable Girls” and “Fariña,” all set up at his Madrid-based Bambú, one of the most game-changing of TV production companies in Spain, and partially owned by Studiocanal.

With dedicated film production house Mr Fields and Friends, Campos has produced titles such as Isaki Lacuesta’s 2022 Berlin competition player “One Year, One Night,” on the emotional aftermath of 2015’s terrorist attacks on Paris’ Bataclan night club and horror movie “Malasaña 32,” sold in more than 20 territories. It has also teamed with Warner Bros. and Atresmedia on romantic drama “Our Summer Together.”

“Rondallas” will tell the story of a small fishing town on the coast of Galicia, which was shaken two years ago by the shipwreck of a fishing boat in which seven of its nine crew members died, including the director of the rondalla [A musical band whose members play popular songs accompanied, in Galicia, by bagpipes, percussion and other traditional instruments].

After two years of mourning, they decide to return to the rondalla, a tradition deeply rooted in the community, which brings a lot of joy and excitement at Christmas. What they need is to get excited again.

“As a director and screenwriter, you always look to make films that you would like to see. And as a viewer, what captivates me most is that they move me and make me smile at the same time. I think this film has all the necessary ingredients to achieve it: Comedy, social drama, Galicia, the sea, rondallas, tradition and rock’n roll,” Sánchez Arévalo said.

The filmmaker broke through in 2007 with his feature debut, tragicomedy “DarkBlueAlmostBlack.” After 2009’s acid “Fat,” he directed two movies – 2011’s bachelor farce “Cousinhood” and 2013’s wedding-set “Family United” – which won him respect as an adept writer-director of fun comedy with a social point of view.

More recently, he created and directed for Netflix the feature “Seventeen” (2019) and TV drama “The Last Row” (2022), both produced for the streamer by José Antonio Félez’s Atípica Films, who had backed all of Sanchez Arevalo’s top titles to date.

Through “Rondallas,” Sánchez Arévalo is returning to a film project oriented to theatrical exhibition and distribution.

“After two projects for Netflix, I was clear that I wanted to make a film with a classic distribution and exhibition release. A movie for theaters. And for the public. I like cinema. I like the experience of going to the movies, of sitting in a seat to share such an intimate moment with more people,” he explained.

A 100% affiliate of Vivendi’s Canal Plus Group, in 2016 Studiocanal took a minority stake in Bambú, which Campos had co-founded in 2007 alongside Teresa Fernández Valdés.

“I have been a fan of Daniel’s films since I saw his first shorts 20 years ago. Since then I have followed his career. Destiny wanted us to establish a friendship in addition to our professional admiration. Now with ‘Rondallas,’ I fulfill my dream of becoming his producer,” Campos argued.

“Daniel is the best director of emotional comedies in our country. He is our Alexander Payne and with ‘Rondallas’ we want to give him the opportunity to take another step in his career in terms of ambition and projection,” he concluded.

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