Students set to be honoured at Lethbridge College

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Convocation is a time to celebrate, breathe and relax following years of hard work and dedication.

Lethbridge College is holding its convocation today at two different times, depending on which program the students are in.

While convocation is for all students to join in and enjoy following their time at the college, some students are receiving additional awards.

One such student, Tyler Holt, is graduating from the Architectural Animation Technology program and he is also the winner of the Governor General’s Academic Medal.

This award is granted to the student with the highest grade average at certain approved post-secondary institutions, as well as some high schools.

Holt says this significant accomplishment was made possible with the support of his program faculty and the college staff.

“They were the best and they were my main resource that got me through everything,” said Holt. “They’re really personable. They’re just so enlightening and really caring.”

He added that his family also played a huge role in his successes at the college.

“Also, my family of course, for being my main support system and helping me get through these past two years. Hopefully we’re on to bigger and brighter things in the future,” said Holt.

He says it took serious work and dedication to achieve his goals at the college, especially considering he’s a father of two little girls and a third child is on the way.

“The main reason that (my education) paid off, is that I was dedicated to it,” said Holt.

Another student who has undoubtedly shown dedication to their studies is the Valedictorian, Michael Kindley.

He was also in a difficult position, having to balance his life as a student athlete, student academic and as a human being.

“It was definitely difficult at times, all the time commitments and different directions, could be sort of overwhelming and a little bit stressful,” said Kindley. “But it’s been something I’ve been doing since high school, although a bit of a higher degree at the college.”

However, he says, like Holt, he has had plenty of support to help him get through college and eventually see this achievement become reality.

He says this support alleviated the stress that comes with being a student.

“All the extra hours didn’t seem all that overwhelming and problematic,” said Kindley.

As Valedictorian, Kindley will be delivering a speech this afternoon to his fellow graduates.

This speech, he says, is something that cannot be truly prepared for, but he is ready.

“I don’t think anything will quite prepare me for that moment, but I’m excited and I think it’ll be a good opportunity to celebrate with my classmates,” said Kindley.

He says he is currently interviewing with some dental schools with the hopes of continuing his education at one of them.

As for Holt, he says he accepted a job with the Alvin Reinhard Fritz Architectural firm yesterday.

“I’m just going to really build my skills with them, working under an architect that way,” said Holt. “Focusing on the animation part and the technology side for them.”

Students in the Centre for Justice and Human Resources, Centre for Health and Wellness and the Centre for Trades will walk the stage at 10 a.m.

Meanwhile, students in the Centre for Business, Arts and Science and the Centre for Technology, Environment and Design will be at 2 p.m.

Justin Sibbet, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Lethbridge Herald