Stroke survivors are invited to share their experiences and improve After Stroke programming across the country

March of Dimes Canada launches comprehensive national stroke survey to inform development of new, innovative services

Bret Hart

Legendary Canadian wrestler, March of Dimes Canada Brand Ambassador, and stroke survivor Bret Hart
Legendary Canadian wrestler, March of Dimes Canada Brand Ambassador, and stroke survivor Bret Hart

Toronto, ON, Feb. 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  

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TORONTO, February 1, 2023 – Every six minutes, someone in Canada has a stroke. It is a leading cause of disability across the country, yet lack of access to resources, education, and programming leaves many survivors without the necessary tools, and supports needed for recovery.

March of Dimes Canada (MODC) has just launched a comprehensive national landmark survey in English and French for all stroke survivors and their caregivers, to better understand life after stroke, from people who experience it directly. To participate, survivors can visit, before February 27.

The survey explores physical, and mental health, emotional well-being, family life, employment, and social engagement after stroke. The findings will inform the purposeful design of innovative, new services available through March of Dimes Canada’s After Stroke program.

Guided by lived experience, best-available evidence, and expert advice, After Stroke is Canada’s most comprehensive stroke recovery program. It aims to fill the gaps in the system and give those affected by stroke a seamless transition from hospital to home—and beyond.

“We believe in a world where stroke survivors can recover, live life with renewed purpose and optimism, and inspire others to do the same. We are committed to transforming the experience of life after stroke, and are working to evolve our programming,” said Christina Sperling, Director of Community Programs & After Stroke at March of Dimes Canada. “Feedback from stroke survivors and their caregivers across the country will help us to understand their experiences, while leveraging our strengths and expertise to develop future programming that will benefit more stroke survivors and their families.”

Bret Hart, legendary Canadian wrestler, March of Dimes Canada Brand Ambassador, and stroke survivor said, "I know from my own experience how much of a difference support can make following a stroke. The insights from this survey will be incredibly valuable to March of Dimes Canada, and the After Stroke program. I strongly encourage everyone in our community to participate."

Since 2021, After Stroke has helped over 5,000 stroke survivors and their loved ones in communities across the country, and continues to expand its reach with virtual programming. There is no cost to participate, and a health card or private insurance is not required.




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