Stream These Movies That Will Remind You It Could Always Be Worse Here in the U.S.

We sincerely hope this Fourth of July weekend will bring you happiness and peace. Sure, the country is having some “issues,” but it could be worse! (Right? …Right?) Here are three movies featuring dystopian Americas.

They Live (1988)

‘They Live’ (Photo: Universal/courtesy Everett Collection)

John Carpenter directed this alien invasion tale. When John Nada (Roddy Piper) discovers the world is run by aliens, he decides to fight back and expose them for what they are. They Live is available now on Vudu.

Idiocracy (2006)

Terry Crews (left), Luke Wilson (orange pants) (Photo: 20th Century Fox/courtesy Everett)

Luke Wilson plays a man of average intelligence who is frozen and thawed out 500 years in the future. He is now the smartest ma in the entire human race and must struggle to keep a society of idiots from destroying what is left of Earth. Mike Judge‘s classic is available now on iTunes.

The Hunger Games  (2012)

Jennifer Lawrence (Photo: Murray Close/Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett Collection)

Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) must fight for her life in a televised game show in which children hunt each other to win. This is the first film of the hit franchise and it’s available on Amazon.

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