Streaker struggles to escape Jacksonville minor league field, hilarity ensues

Ryan Young
Yahoo Sports Contributor
A streaker ran onto the field at the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp — the Marlins AA affiliate — baseball game on Thursday night, but couldn’t climb up the fence to get away. (Photo courtesy of the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp)

The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp survived a thriller against Pensacola on Thursday night, beating the Blue Wahoos 10-9 on a walk-off single from Kyle Barrett.

However the Marlins AA affiliate had to take a brief, unexpected break in the bottom of the third inning when a man took off his clothes and jumped over the right field wall, running onto the field.

As players from both teams stopped play to watch, the man made his way to centerfield, where he started to climb the fence to presumably get away from security and escape.

There was just one problem: he couldn’t climb over the fence.

After failing multiple times to scale the chainlink fence in the outfield, he gave up. The streaker ran the rest of the way through the outfield to a much more manageable wall to climb along the left field line. Shortly after hopping off the field, the man was tackled to the ground hard by security.

Just take a look at how things played out. Warning, this video may be offensive to some:

It is unclear what the streaker will be charged with, however the Jumbo Shrimp did say that the charges will be “much more serious than just trespassing.”

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