Stray cat sprints onto field mid-inning during Reds-Pirates game in Cincinnati

Ryan Young
Yahoo Sports Contributor

The Pittsburgh Pirates picked up a pair of runs in the fourth inning on Friday night against the Reds, thanks to a single from Sean Rodriguez and a sacrifice bunt from Jameson Taillon.

Though it wasn’t the offensive display that stole the show that inning in Cincinnati. That honor goes to a cat.

A small cat made its way into the Great American Ball Park during the fourth inning of the Pirates’ game against the Reds, and found its way right down onto the field.

The feline looked confused at first as it attempted to find a way off the field, but couldn’t find a spot it liked. Then, out of options, it darted behind home plate right as Pirates outfielder Corey Dickerson hit a fly ball to left field.

A cat jumped onto the field at the Great American Ballpark in the middle of the Reds game against the Pirates on Friday night. (Twitter/Cut4)

Eventually the cat made its way around to the third-base side of the field, found a spot in the bleachers it liked and jumped off the field safe and sound.

The Pirates kept the game rolling in their favor on Friday and beat the Reds 12-1.

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