'Stranger Things' star wears underwear on 'Late Show' for hilarious reason

Lord of the Rings star turned Stranger Things star, Sean Astin, visited The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Colbert is a huge fan of Astin's. He told the actor, "You are my favorite character in my favorite movie. I am-- I don't know what-- how to describe how excited I am to meet you right now."

Apparently, Astin was excited to meet his biggest fan too, because he didn't even put on pants before crashing Colbert's monologue rehearsal.

Colbert described the situation saying, "I was trying to rehearse it, you walked out just to say hi in your underwear. And-- hey! I gotta tell you-- I gotta tell you, for me, it's like I'm the cheerleader meeting the captain of the football team"

So why did Astin comes out in delicates? He said, "The reason I did that, come out to see you like that, my 15-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, begged me not to do anything to embarrass the family."

The actor went on to embarass his daughter even further by giving her a shout out on national television, saying, "Elizabeth, I love you!"