Stranger Things' Jamie Campbell Bower lines up next movie role

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Stranger Things star lines up next movie roleNetflix

Stranger Things and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 actor Jamie Campbell Bower has landed himself a new role.

As reported by Deadline, the star, who played Vecna in the TV show, will feature in a new version of 1986 movie Witchboard, with Chuck Russell at the helm.

The film focuses on a couple named Emily and Christian and their group of friends who decide to open up an organic café. Things get spooky once Emily discovers an ancient pendulum board that can summon spirits.

Christian goes to an occult expert named Alexander Babtiste, who harbours a secret – they are secretly tied to the witchboard via their bloodlines.

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Soon it turns into a battle to save Emily's soul, with the film promising witches, a masked ball and something called "Naga Soth".

Russell, who also directed The Scorpion King and Paradise City, intends to create some "high intensity scares and imaginative visuals" with the film.

In a statement, he said: "There is a tradition in cinema of great English actors that have the charisma we associate with stardom, as well as the acting chops to truly be a chameleon, playing a variety of character types.

"Jamie Campbell Bower is that kind of actor and his time is now."

Production on the new Witchboard begins in May in Montreal and New Orleans.

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Last year, the actor opened up about which big franchise he'd love to join.

"I'm gunning for James Bond," he said. "Not to play Bond, but to be a villain in Bond. I remember before Rami [Malek] did [No Time to Die], I was like, 'I'm going to be the first person under 30 to do it.'

"Then Rami comes along and just, like, kills it. I'm like, 'Dammit, I wanted to do that."

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