How Stranger Things helped Joseph Quinn on A Quiet Place: Day One

Joseph Quinn spent a lot of his Stranger Things time either battling or running away from monsters, which turned into perfect practice for A Quiet Place: Day One.

The horror prequel sees Quinn play Eric who teams up with Sam (Lupita Nyong'o) – and her cat Frodo – to try to survive in New York City when the alien invasion hits and they quickly learn that noise is deadly.

Talking to Digital Spy, Nyong'o said she forgot "how much energy it takes to act scared all day", having not starred in a horror movie for five years.

But for Quinn, it was fresh in his mind from Stranger Things. "That's a skillset I picked up maybe from a previous job. I was able to apply it on this one," he noted, adding that they didn't just have to imagine the aliens.

lupita nyongo, joseph quinn, a quiet place day one
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"There was a bit of a reliance on our imaginations, and then there was also some pretty expert stilt work," he recalled. "Which was more disturbing than terrifying, but you could channel that."

Nyong'o joked that writer/director Michael Sarnoski "annoyed" her co-star by making "creature sounds" into a microphone behind the camera.

"It didn't really annoy me, it was just quite funny. He'd just go, 'And grrrr'," Quinn clarified.

Given that it's set at the start of the invasion, which we briefly saw at the beginning of A Quiet Place Part II, we can expect Day One to have more aliens than previous movies.

lupita nyongo, joseph quinn, a quiet place day one
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But that's not the only change from before.

"I suppose the previous two films have been quite contained in terms of where they're set and obviously setting it in New York blows that wide open," Quinn teased.

"I think fans can expect to see the world that they're familiar with, just on a much larger scale and a lot quieter."

Bring it on.

A Quiet Place: Day One is released in UK cinemas on June 27 and in US cinemas on June 28.

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