Stranger Things fans can't stop talking about this tragic detail in the S4 finale

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Stranger Things season four, part two has been an emotional rollercoaster to say the least, and there's been plenty to take in - from intense cast reactions to some truly gripping fan theories.

Now, viewers have got their attention fixed on one particularly tragic detail from the season four finale, and it seems like everyone is fully in their feelings on this one. We're not crying, you're crying. *Spoilers ahead*.

Leading up the second instalment of season four, fans were pretty concerned that we were about to see the deaths of one or more beloved characters. And, sadly, it turns out they were partially right - with Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) ending up dead in episode nine.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Of course, new S4 character Eddie hasn't had the smoothest ride in Hawkins. The series sees him being vilified by the town's residents, with many wrongly believing him to be responsible for Vecna's murders.

However, despite being hunted down by his neighbours, season four ultimately ends with Eddie dying a hero. In the Upside Down, Eddie takes it upon himself to distract the Demobats from Nancy, Steve and Robin who are on their way to Vecna. While Dustin tries to make him stop, Eddie refuses and sacrifices himself, finally dying in Dustin’s arms.

Following the finale, viewers have taken to social media to share their heartbreak over Eddie's death - with many highlighting the tragic detail in the fact that Eddie will be remembered as a murderer in Hawkins, rather than the hero that he is.

One fan tweeted, "Eddie Munson dying trying to save Hawkins but the town still knowing him as a Satanic murderer breaks my heart."

Meanwhile, another added, "I genuinely feel so sad for Eddie, he really gave his life saving [people] who still think he's a murderer." A third agreed, writing, "Crying so hard right now, I realised that after Eddie died for being heroic to buy more time people in Hawkins still see him as a murderer and didn't even know what he did."

Eddie 💔.

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