A Stranger From Hawaii Showed Up to Tyler Cameron’s House Trying to Join the Quarantine Crew

Shannon Barbour

From Cosmopolitan

  • Tyler Cameron said a stranger from Hawaii showed up at his house to try to join the Quarantine Crew.
  • Tyler and Hannah Brown formed the TikTok group to ride out the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Hannah has since gone home to Alabama.

For the uninitiated, when this pandemic started to spread across America, Bachelorette stars Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron formed the ill-advised Quarantine Crew. The Quarantine Crew doesn’t do much other than pull pranks on each other and post a bunch of TikToks, but their fans seem to love the reliable stream of content coming from their account. Anyway, while they’re all down in Florida trying to squeeze out some fun from this remarkably un-fun situation we all find ourselves in, a stranger from Hawaii just showed up at Tyler’s house trying to join in. Creepy!

Talking on his Instagram Story, Tyler was like:

“I cannot make this up. My brother just called me and told me there’s a lady outside our house. We have no idea who she is; she has her dog and two suitcases. She is trying to join the Quarantine Crew or something....This is out of control.”

Hannah B. just went back home to Alabama, so, uh, maybe this person thought there was an opening for another Quarantine Crew member. But no matter what that person’s thought process was, they def freaked out the whole crew and Tyler held an emergency press conference on Live right after.

Photo credit: Instagram

Tyler begged everyone, “Respect people’s privacy. I’m not that cool, I’m not that talented. I got dumped on television. There’s so many cooler people. Find something better to do with all this time we have now.”

If you were thinking of rolling up on Tyler’s house, here are a couple of ideas for better ways to pass the time: Stay the hell inside and make dresses out of pillows! Problem solved.

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