Stories that made us smile this week

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Catalans competed to build the

biggest human pyramid in Spain

The winning tower was 10 tiers high, around 43 feet

[Anna Jordana, Head of the children's squad, 'Ceballuts' team]

“Without kids, there would be no human towers. They are the boys and girls who have to go up to the top, they have to coordinate the castles, and this is an essential part. Just like in football you can't play without a goalkeeper because of the regulation, we can’t make the human towers without two children.”


Brazil has elected its first ever

transgender lawmakers to Congress

Erika Hilton called her historic election

a case of 'justice for her ancestors'


Depeche Mode announced their first

new album and world tour in five years

The British electronic music pioneers

are known for songs such as 'Personal Jesus'


Australia set aside 30% of its

land mass for conservation

It hopes to protect plant and animal

species found nowhere else on Earth

[Tanya Plibersek, Australian Environment Minister]

“This plan is a more ambitious plan. It includes a target of zero new extinctions. It delivers on our target of protecting 30 percent of our land and 30 percent of our oceans by 2030. The prime minister and other world leaders have signed up to that ambitious conservation target. By protecting more habitat, we can protect the homes of these precious plants and animals and the landscapes that mean so much to Australians.”