Store clerk dies after customer finds him hurt, sparking search for clues, NC cops say

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A convenience store clerk died after a customer found him hurt, sparking a search for clues in North Carolina, officials said.

The customer was visiting Amigos Tobacco Shop in Greenville and discovered a worker with serious injuries, officers said. The worker was taken to a hospital, where he died, according to the Greenville Police Department.

The clerk was identified in a Sept. 27 news release as 44-year-old Zahran Jaghama.

Robert Godley lives near the store and told WITN that Jaghama was a down-to-earth man who treated people well.

“When I go to the (laundromat), if I need quarters I would go over there and he’d give me quarters to wash clothes with,” Godley told the TV station. “I mean he was a real nice man, he really was.”

Greenville police responded at about 8:30 p.m. on Sept. 26 and said Jaghama may have been assaulted during a robbery. But as of the following day, it reportedly “was too early in the investigation to determine the nature of Jaghama’s injuries or if a weapon was used,” according to The Daily Reflector.

Police continue to investigate the incident, which was reported on North Greene Street in Greenville, roughly 85 miles east of Raleigh. Officers ask anyone with tips to call them at 252-329-4300 or Crime Stoppers at 252-758-7777.

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