Stoneman Douglas lacrosse helmets feature tribute, photos of all 17 shooting victims

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas lacrosse team has followed up the school’s hockey team in paying tribute to the victims of last month’s deadly shooting. (Getty)

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas lacrosse team made its home debut Friday night and used the occasion to honor the 17 victims who were killed in last month’s tragic mass shooting on campus.

Players were escorted to their home stadium in a solemn parade behind a bagpiper before they shifted to game mode and rushed the field.

When they reached the field, players released 17 angel balloons into the air for each of the victims.

Each player’s helmet was imprinted with the name and photo of their fallen classmates, teachers and staff members.

The team used #MSDStrong in its tweets about the game, a campaign it has used to sell gear to raise $180,000 worldwide.

To cap things off, the home team rolled to an 11-4 victory over Cardinal Gibbons.