Stocks in play: Plant&Co. Ltd.
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Reported on the operations for its M&A target Holy Crap Brands Inc., further to the recent announcements (November 26, 2020 and January 7, 2021) regarding the definitive amalgamation agreement, whereby a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company (Subco) will amalgamate with Holy Crap, to form a new division focused on creating innovative brands and products, inspired to improve lives through high-quality plant-based ingredients focused on gut-health wellness. Since acquiring the line of healthy breakfast cereals in 2019, Holy Crap hired Ms. Donna Reddy as President with the mandate to lead the next phase of the company's growth. Ms. Reddy, a strategic and results-driven leader in the marketing and branding industry, has revitalized the Holy Crap breakfast cereal brand by expanding the distribution channels and driving growth through the launch of new packaging and a new marketing strategy implemented to reach a broader audience and increase sales. Total number of cereal bags sold and revenue generated in 2020 versus 2019 since Ms. Reddy's appointment increased over 129% and 166% respectively. Plant&Co. Ltd. shares C.VEGN are trading unchanged at $0.77.