Stocks to open to the upside, Wall Street addresses gun reform

Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous, Jared Blikre, and Rick Newman discuss the big stories of the day. Alexis also talks with Yahoo Finance tech reviewer Dan Howley about the newly-rumored Apple AirPods 2 and with Wyoming state representative, Tyler Lindholm, about how Wyoming plans to be the hub for blockchain innovation.

Today’s topics

  • Gun debate hits Wall Street
  • The ‘Great American Labor Shortage’
  • Wyoming: The Blockchain State?
  • FL governor to unveil plan to avoid school shootings
  • BlackRock to address gun manufacturers
  • First National Bank to drop NRA credit card deal
  • Security clearance at White House to change
  • Ivanka Trump arrives in South Korea
  • U.S. women’s figure skaters fall flat
  • Shelters open in Midwest after massive floods
  • Civil rights museum to honor John Lewis
  • Yahoo Finance Answers with Rick Newman: Is the stock market rigged?
  • General Mills buys Blue Buffalo for $8B
  • Ford replaces its N. America pres with Lincoln chief
  • Tesla invites reservation holders to order cars
  • UPS is building its own EV fleet
  • Apple plans to upgrade wireless earbuds