Still No Justice for Chantel Moore: NWAC to Strike ‘Justice Table’ to End Killings by Police

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Native Women’s Association of Canada
Native Women’s Association of Canada

OTTOWA , May 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The New Brunswick coroner’s inquest into the fatal shooting of Chantel Moore handed down a verdict yesterday – calling her death a homicide. The Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) is appalled that despite this four-day inquest, there is still no justice for Chantel Moore and her family. Recommendations handed down by the jury are not binding and may or may not be implemented.

The police officer who gunned down Ms Moore by shooting her multiple times including twice in the chest during a “wellness check” was cleared in a prior investigation into her death – no charges were laid. And the jury’s homicide verdict simply acknowledges the fact that Ms Moore was shot and killed; it does not lay blame at the feet of her killer.

Frustrated from the lack of justice served, NWAC announced today, it will strike its own National Indigenous Justice Table to create a policing justice strategy so that other Indigenous lives are not lost at the hands of a police officer. NWAC is inviting AFN, CAP, ITK and MNC to work together on a united front to address the police violence.

“We need to end killings by police and we need to end police hunting down Indigenous people like prey,” said Lynne Groulx, NWAC’s CEO. “The gunning down of Chantel Moore was horrific and unconscionable. The gunning down of any innocent Indigenous woman or man is horrific and unconscionable. We’ve made many efforts to call for justice to end this systemic police violence to no avail. The system is broken and needs to be fixed so we’re taking it upon ourselves and our community to fix it.”

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