Steve Aoki on fashion, movement and finding inspiration in life's 'fleeting moments'

Gibson Johns,

Steve Aoki never stops moving. Like, literally, never.

The music mastermind, who plays over 200 shows a year around the world, thrives on constantly being on the move, in both the travel sense and the literally-moving-his-body sense.

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"My life is movement," he told AOL Entertainment at the ASICS I Move Me campaign launch at Public Hotels recently. "Everything we do is based on that fluidity. Music is all about connecting with people, but in order to connect with people you have to move with people. One of my favorite things to do in life -- and I can't see the train stopping anytime soon -- is touring. When I do over 200 shows a year around the world, it can be daunting. But I love it."

"The spirit of that movement is in my DNA," Aoki continued. "I'm not the kind of guy who puts his feet up on the table to chill and watch TV while eating a bag of chips. That's not me -- I can't do that. I need to constantly have action, mobility and movement."

It's true. Even on his days off, Aoki -- who works out every single day -- doesn't sit still. During a recent day off following a radio show in Maui, for example, instead of kicking it by the pool, the "Just Hold On" hitmaker connected with a professional surfer and spent the day learning about foil surfing. During another day off in Las Vegas, Aoki went skydiving off of a helicopter above The Strip.

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"When I have a day off, I'm thinking, 'What bucket list item can I fulfill?,'" he said with a knowing grin.

And it's in those experiences that the DJ finds inspiration for his work. Aoki calls himself a "walking sampler" and documents things wherever he goes -- whether that means taking photos, audio samples or notes, he's always looking for something new to spark his imagination and further his creative output.

"I realized that my creative outlet isn't just one linear idea," he explained. "Going into the studio is one, but so is going out and building a fashion collection with a brand like ASICS. There are so many different ways to find your output, so I just follow my intuition and feelings."

"All of the fleeting moments that pass you by, those are the things that are the blueprints of your next product," he continued. "If you don't take notice of that, it'll just go away. It's like a dream."

It's Aoki's itch for fashion that really seems to be on his mind these days. He says that fashion has "always been my blood" and, though he's partnered with athletic brands in the past, it's his new partnership with ASICS that has him truly amped.

"ASICS wanted to give me a voice," he said of his involvement in its I Move Me campaign. "It wasn't just about a name or a face. I wanted to add so much to the fashion sensibility, and working out on a daily basis is something I already do every day and promote on social media. I was already going in that direction, and ASICS wanted to give me the infrastructure to just do me. It was perfect."

It was with that that our time with Aoki had come to an end. He had just flown in from Los Angeles after a performance, taken a helicopter to Manhattan and a SUV to the launch breakfast on the Lower East Side. During our sit-down conversation, Aoki had requested a cappuccino from a nearby waiter. 

To go or to stay? You already know the answer to that one.

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