Stephen Colbert Rips Dumbest Possible GOP Talking Points Against Gun Control

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Stephen Colbert noted that gun control has widespread bipartisan popularity, with 90% of voters supporting background checks.

“The only thing more popular than background checks is Dolly Parton riding a corgi bringing you free ice cream,” he cracked, and even offered up an image:

(Photo: CBS)
(Photo: CBS)

(Photo: CBS)

“And birthday sex,” he added. “With free ice cream.”

Yet, Republican lawmakers are doing everything they can to block any attempt to restrict firearms, and they’re offering some absurd justifications for doing so in the wake of this week’s mass shooting at a Texas elementary school.

“We can’t stop bad people from doing bad things,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said. “They’re going to violate murder laws, they’re not going to follow gun laws, I’ve never understood that argument.”

That left Colbert scratching his head.

“I gotta say: ‘Laws are pointless’ is a bold position for the attorney general,” Colbert said. “I think he just announced ‘The Purge.’”

And that wasn’t even the worst of it. See more in Colbert’s Tuesday night monologue: 

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