Stephen Colbert Mocks Fox News, GOP For 'Daddy Issues' That Will 'Kill Us All'

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Stephen Colbert said Republicans are “crushing hard” on Russian President Vladimir Putin as he appears poised to invade Ukraine.

A poll shows that conservative U.S. voters admire the Russian leader and that most think he’s a stronger leader than President Joe Biden.

“I’m not sure what the Republican criteria for toughness is,” Colbert said, then launched into a long list of ways Putin has attempted to kill his critics.

“It is true that Biden hasn’t murdered anyone with a cup of tea laced with deadly polonium, a noose, point-blank shootings or by chucking them out of windows,” he added.

Republican voters are also unimpressed by Biden’s qualities. And Fox News has slammed the president for being more likable than strong.

Brian Kilmeade said this week: “Give me a strong leader that’s a little less likable.”

Colbert was stunned.

“The Republicans’ daddy issues are gonna kill us all,” he declared.

See more in his Wednesday night monologue:

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