Stephen Colbert Hilariously Grills Congressmen On The Trump-Russia Probe

Stephen Colbertdesperately wants an update on the investigation intopossible tiesbetween Russia and Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

So for Friday’s broadcast of “The Late Show,” the comedian visited Washington, D.C., to see if he could tease any new information out of congressmen.

With a fake memo of his own in hand, Colbert attempted to persuade Rep.Adam Schiff(D-Calif.), Sen.Jeff Flake(R-Ariz.) and Sen.Mark Warner(D-Va.) to leak new developments to him regarding the Trump-Russia probe.

“Just say anything. Give me a hint, anything,” Colbert at one point pleaded with Warner.

“Just blink it out in Morse code. Tell me anything, don’t you understand?” he added. “We’re dying out here. We’re drowning in ignorance. Tell us what happened. You will tell us eventually, right? You will tell us something?”

Find out how he fared in the full clip above.

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