Stephen Colbert delivers message of perseverance after New York City attack

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

In lieu of the usual cold-open comedy bit, Stephen Colbert opened The Late Show  with a statement about the Oct. 31 New York City terrorist attack that left at least eight people dead. For Colbert, who lives and works in New York, the attack really hit home. Colbert said:

“Good evening. Shortly before we began taping tonight’s show, we learned about the horrific events here in New York City.

“It appears a terrorist has attacked innocent citizens in lower Manhattan. And all of our hearts, all of our broken hearts, go out to everyone affected and to all of those who live and work in this great city.

“Tomorrow and the next day, New Yorkers will wake up to new details about what happened. But tomorrow and the next day New Yorkers will wake up and keep going. Because in an uncertain world one thing is for sure: New Yorkers will never live in fear.”

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Colbert makes a slight edit to CNN’s latest commercial about “Fake News”:

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