Steelers' Smith-Schuster campaigning to get LeBron James to Pittsburgh

Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster is campaigning to get LeBron James to Pittsburgh next season. (Getty Images)

NBA superstar LeBron James is expected to test the free-agent market this offseason, and teams from around the league are vying to land the 14-time All Star. Billboards have even popped up in Philadelphia and Los Angeles recently in an attempt to court James to their respective cities.

Yet some are saying that James shouldn’t be shopping for a different NBA team, but rather look to the NFL.

Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster has been campaigning on social media to lure James — who was a serious football player before his days in the NBA — to play in Pittsburgh next season. Running back Le’Veon Bell even got in on the action.

He also went on Fox Sports 1’s “Undisputed” to plead his case while wearing a custom “King James” Steelers Jersey.

Smith-Schuster’s campaign continued on Thursday night. He tweeted out a Madden highlight clip featuring a massive drive with James playing wide receiver for the Steelers. James made several big catches against the Cincinnati Bengals, and even capped the drive with a touchdown.

Now, the #LeBronToPittsburgh campaign is likely futile. James told ESPN that although he appreciates the offer to switch sports, he’s going to stick with what he’s best at.

“Naw, I’m fine with my sport that I’ve got,” James said. “It’s pretty funny, though. I saw some of the (headlines) that they had me in a Steelers uniform. I like tank tops and shorts. I’ve tried the shoulder pads and it was fun while it lasted. But I’m a tank top and shorts guy.”

So while you may see James in a different jersey next season, don’t expect him to be rocking the black and gold in Pittsburgh anytime soon.

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