Steak And Ale Is Officially Reopening In April 2024

seared steak
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If you grew up in the 1970s, you may remember Steak and Ale. While the concept of an affordable steak and unlimited salad bar may seem commonplace now, when Steak and Ale opened in 1966, the idea was revolutionary to the casual dining experience, and the Tudor-style architecture and cozy interior set it apart from other chains. Although the last Steak and Ale shuttered its doors back in 2008 after the parent company of the chain filed for bankruptcy, it was announced earlier this year that Steak and Ale would be opening a new location in April 2024 -- more than 10 years after the closure of the last one.

This new Steak and Ale is set to open at a Wyndham Hotel located in Burnsville, Minnesota. The new space will hold 220 to 225 customers and boast 6,000 square feet. This Steak and Ale will additionally serve as the hotel's room service option, according to FSR Magazine. While this may be the first Steak and Ale to re-debut, it certainly won't be the last as Wyndham has a 15-location deal across the midwest.

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What To Expect From New Steak And Ale Locations

salad bar
salad bar - Adalberto Perez/Getty Images

New locations of Steak and Ale will still carry some old-school favorites from the previous menu such as baby back ribs, Hawaiian Chicken, Kensington Club, and Steak Oscar. In addition to the reintroduction of these classics, there will be new dishes featured on the menu for patrons to try. These new locations will capture the familiar vibe of Steak and Ale while offering a modern interpretation of the steak house.

The logo for Steak and Ale will remain the same with its debut, and the old-world charm of its Tudor-style decoration will be making a comeback as well. And for those wondering if the unlimited salad bar will be making a return as well, fear not; the salad bar will remain a staple of Steak and Ale.

Following the news of the new Steak and Ale location, fans of the chain expressed excitement for the return. In fact, some dedicated fans have shared that they are planning a trip to Minnesota to experience it again.

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