Station 19: Could ABC’s Loss Wind Up Being Netflix’s Gain?

Oh, the irony: In its seventh season, Station 19 is, as the kids would say, fire. New showrunners Zoanne Clack and Peter Paige have done a superlative job of turning up the heat on the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff. So fans are understandably hot under the collar about the fact that before a single one of their episodes had even aired, ABC turned the hose on the first-responders drama, swinging the axe and displacing it from its regular Thursday timeslot. (Instead of kicking off the night, it now ends it at 10/9c.)

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Diehards — yeah, me included — haven’t given up hope that the show will find a new home, maybe even at Netflix, where executive producer Shonda Rhimes has her development deal. Have there been discussions of relocating Station 19 to a streaming platform? “They don’t tell us anything,” Clack insists to TVLine. But she hastens to add that “we’ll happily go wherever it goes.”

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Paige eagerly seconds that emotion. “We would happily, happily, happily do another season if there were an opportunity to do it,” he says.

station 19 final season trailer video
station 19 final season trailer video

Thus far, there have been no rumblings that Station 19 is even being shopped around. But it must be, right? In 2023, it had been ABC’s highest-rated, most-watched drama. (If it’s numbers have sunk this year — and they have — it’s only because its timeslot was given to Fox acquisition, 9-1-1.) And creatively, Station 19 in not just good shape, exciting shape. (Not for nothing, but halfway through this strikes-abbreviated, 10-episode Season 7, TVLine has already singled out Jaina Lee Ortiz and Jay Hayden for praise.)

What say you? If Station 19 were to move to Netflix or some other streaming platform, would you follow it? Hit the comments with your thoughts.

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