This ‘Statement Piece’ Amazon Candle Warmer Extends the Life of Your Favorite Scents Without the Flame

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Reviewers say using it makes their candles “last forever.”

<p>Real Simple / Tyler Roeland</p>

Real Simple / Tyler Roeland

Every day it seems like there’s a new TikTok trend, and for candle lovers, we found one that you’ll definitely want to try out. The candle warmer hashtag currently has 85 million views (yes, million) on TikTok, and this lamp style one from Amazon is so chic. Plus, you can get double discounts on certain colors by adding the on-page coupon.

The sleek candle warmer looks just like a lamp and will mesh well with the rest of your decor. It’s almost 12 inches high, and it fits most candles up to 5.9 inches tall. The lamp comes with a square or round wooden base, and you can select a light or dark finish. There are a variety of color options for the pole and shade, too, including all white, white/gold, all black, and black/gold. One shopper called the lamp a “statement piece” because it’s so pretty.



To buy: From $48 with coupon;

Using a 35-watt halogen light bulb, the lamp warms your candles, spreading the scent throughout the room in about 10 to 20 minutes. According to one reviewer, when using the candle warmer, the amount of fragrance given off “fills the entire house [and is] much better than burning the candle. Also the candles last forever!” There’s even a dimmer switch to adjust the brightness, so you can lower the light for cozy vibes at night.

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If you’ve never used a candle warmer before, don’t fret—it’s so easy, and it will totally change the way you burn your candles. They work by heating up the wax without lighting the wick, allowing you to appreciate the fragrance without the flame. You also won’t have the lingering smokey scent after blowing it out. Using a candle warmer can help extend the life of your favorite candles, too, since the wick doesn’t burn down. Another upside to using a warmer is that it’s safer than lighting a candle. Since there’s no flame, you don’t have to worry about anything catching fire or smoke and soot getting on the surrounding area.

Candle warmers are particularly useful for households with pets or children to prevent any accidents with the flame. They’re also good for use in small spaces where your candle might be in close contact with other items that could be flammable. One shopper said, “I have a newborn and also love candles but didn't want to burn them now…I love this safe option.”

The Sokcsea candle warmer lamp will be a beautiful addition to any room, and it’ll help your candles last longer. Shop it from Amazon starting at $48 with a coupon.

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