State police won’t release new info about Lexington suspect shot by law enforcement

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Update: Even though police wouldn’t talk about the shooting, court records filed in a related case revealed some details about how the shooting unfolded. Story: Documents divulge name of man injured in shooting involving Lexington police officer)

Officials haven’t released names or additional details after law enforcement shot a man in Lexington while trying to serve a murder warrant on him.

The shooting occurred Wednesday when the Lexington Police Department attempted to assist the U.S. Marshals Service in serving the warrant on a 31-year-old man at a home in the 1600 block of Thirlstane Court, according to Lexington police.

Officials haven’t identified the Lexington police officer who fired his gun, nor have they identified the suspect who was shot. He was served with a murder warrant after being taken to a Lexington hospital, according to Lexington police. Police hadn’t yet confirmed who shot the man. It was unclear if U.S. Marshals also fired at him.

Kentucky State Police are investigating the shooting and Lexington police told the Herald-Leader the release of any additional information would have to be approved by the state agency. Lexington police declined to answer several questions about the shooting during a press conference Wednesday after providing a news release.

“At a later point in time, Kentucky State Police will be able to provide a little additional (information), maybe,” Lexington Sgt. Donnell Gordon said Wednesday. “It’s up to them.”

But state police have declined to provide information that they have previously released while investigating other officer-involved shootings in Lexington.

“The investigation remains ongoing and is being handled by KSP’s Critical Incident Response Team,” Trooper Matt Sudduth told the Herald-Leader Friday. “In accordance with the standard operating procedure, KSP will not be releasing any further details while the investigation remains open. Timelines to complete investigations vary based on the complexity of the case.”

State police have previously released the names of officers and victims in officer-involved shootings before their investigation is complete. Officials identified Lexington police officer Franklin Epley and Ryan D. Jones less than one week after Epley shot Jones on May 1 this year. Jones allegedly fired a gun at Epley before Epley returned fire and shot him.

Police also publicly identified Lexington police officer Miller Owens and suspect Darion Worfolk one day after Owens shot Worfolk on July 31, 2020. Worfolk was allegedly carrying a gun and fled Owens before Owens shot him.

Police also haven’t said if the 31-year-old suspect was armed Wednesday or fired at law enforcement officers before they shot at him. Lexington Police Chief Lawrence Weathers said that information would be determined through the investigation. Weathers also declined to release which homicide investigation the 31-year-old man was connected to.

“It all falls under KSP,” Gordon said Friday. “We release when they advise us they are ready to release information.”

Thirlstane Court was blocked off for several hours while Lexington police and Kentucky State Police investigated Wednesday morning into the afternoon. Police on Wednesday said it was “too early” to say if any nearby homes were hit by gunfire during the shooting.

Weathers said on Wednesday that the unidentified officer was wearing a body camera and it was turned on, but the decision on publicly releasing footage would be up to state police and prosecutors handling the man’s case.

Suspect shot by law enforcement serving a warrant in a Lexington homicide, chief says

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