The Stars of 'Lost City of Z' Speculate on the Mysterious Fate of Percy Fawcett (Spoilers)

Warning: Major Lost City of Z Plot Spoilers Ahead

Based on the book by David Grann, James Gray’s new action-adventure The Lost City of Z tells the true story of Percy Fawcett (Charlie Hunnam), an early 20th century British military man-turned-explorer who on multiple occasions set out to find a legendary land he believed hidden deep in the Amazon. It’s a story full of intrigue, enlightenment, determination, danger — and ultimately, mystery.

No one truly knows what happened to Fawcett, who, along with son Jack (Tom Holland), disappeared on a jungle excursion in 1925. Gray even leaves it somewhat ambiguous in the film. The Fawcetts are seen captured by an indigenous tribe for a potentially cannibalistic ritual — and the explorers believe themselves doomed. But their deaths are never shown, and Gray even leaves open the possibility that the duo may have survived (and seemingly settled into the tribe) with the climactic delivery of a “sign” Fawcett promised he would send back to England signifying he’d discovered his elusive destination.

In real life, however, Hunnam (Pacific Rim) and his co-stars aren’t so hopeful. “I don’t think anyone really subscribes to the idea that he found this lost city and went off and lived in his version of paradise,” Hunnam told Yahoo Movies (watch above). “I think that it’s pretty accepted that he met with a somewhat sticky end.”

Sienna Miller, who plays Percy’s wife, Nina, has done her share of research, at least. “It’s really an interesting thing, if you start Googling it, there are lots of blond kids running around the jungle and there are all sorts of theorems that he just bailed on her,” she said. “I think they just got eaten by other humans.”

Holland (Spider-Man: Homecoming) agreed: “I think they were eaten. I think they were. I’d love it if they weren’t… and they lived the rest of their days there. But I think they were eaten.”

The Lost City of Z is now in theaters.

Speaking of eating, watch Hunnam talk about how little he could for the role:

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