Starbucks Fans Are Fed Up With The Limited Edition International Drinks

Starbucks customers are reaching peak levels of frappuccino FOMO. Once again, fans in the U.S. are sulking after Starbucks Japan announced yet another epic seasonal drink that isn't available in America. Just weeks after Starbucks Japan revealed their all-black goth frappuccino for Halloween, they have unveiled their new Strawberry Merry Cream frappuccino for the holidays.

According to @snackolator, a social media account that covers food news, the festive frappuccino uses sweet and sour strawberry syrups and features a vanilla base. The beverage is then topped with a "merry cream" that's made with mascarpone.

Let's just say that people in the comments won't be offering their congratulations to fellow Starbucks enthusiasts in Japan any time soon.

"It’s so depressing living in the US looking at all these great international offerings," said one person.

"What did Japan do to deserve it?" another user asked.

The comments were equally somber for @snackolator's previous Instagram post announcing Starbucks Japan's black frappuccino made with bitter caramel sauce and sweet pumpkin pudding.

"I wish other Starbucks drinks from other places like Europe or Asia would come to the USA," read one comment.

And some Starbucks locations in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa rolled out the Sour Apple Frappuccino for Halloween. This spooky season drink features sour apple candy combined with a frapp base and a black, white mocha-flavored drizzle. And once again, United States-based fans in the comments were left fuming.

"Yo someone needs to fire everyone working for the US’s marketing creative team because they blow compared to other countries," one commenter lamented.

Who knew that frappuccino FOMO could be so real?

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