Star Wars: Never-before-seen footage includes an uncensored f-bomb and an extended Leia scene

Clarisse Loughrey

Though this year's Star Wars Celebration - held in Orlando, Florida - focused on the hype of new footage, namely for The Last Jedi, there were a few nostalgic treats to be found for fans, too.

John Knoll, chief creative officer for visual effects house Industrial Light & Magic, hosted a panel all about the facts and fiction of the Star Wars universe, unveiling some incredibly rare archival footage from A New Hope in the process.

The presentation included a never-before-seen outtake of Angus MacInnes, who played X-wing pilot Gold Leader in the film, dropping an uncensored f-bomb when he flubbed his line.

Knoll also showed an extended version of Leia's famous exchange with Grand Moff Tarkin, after he gives orders for the Death Star to destroy her home planet of Alderaan.

Thanks to channel The Cinema Realm, you can check out the clips below.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits UK cinemas 15 December.