'Star Wars' Force Friday: Up close with Lego's 'The Last Jedi' Assault Walker (exclusive)

Skimming the surface of the planet Crait in Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Photo: Lucasfilm)

You’ve seen it teased in the trailer: a squadron of Resistance fighters zoom across the mineral plains of Crait to counter the approaching First Order legion on the horizon. Now, with the first wave of Star Wars: The Last Jedi toys arriving in stores this week, Yahoo Movies can take you closer into the battle, which director Rian Johnson told us is one of the film’s biggest moments. “Graphically it’s very exciting. You got a tiny little glimpse in the trailer. It gives you a hint of what it’s going to be like… I can’t wait to show more of it.”

(Photo: LEGO)

He might not get to show it, yet but we can give you taste. Yahoo Movies got an exclusive early look at Lego’s 1,376-piece First Order Heavy Assault Walker set, which has some clues about the battle. From the set and its accompanying description (below), we know that General Hux (Domhnall Gleeson) is leading the parade of what is officially known as the All-Terrain Megacaliber Six (AT-M6) walkers (as well as “Heavy Scout Walkers,” which are part of a separate Lego set that comes with Hux and a Flametrooper, among others) against the Resistance forces and their nifty ski speeders, led by Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac). As you can see below, the set features minifigure versions of the heroes along with a fellow Resistance red shirt fighter, a First Order Stormtrooper, and the First Order Walker Driver, who sports a modified version of the traditional armor. Here’s the official product blurb:

Grab the First Order Heavy Assault Walker and lumber into battle against Poe, Rey and the Resistance allies. Fire the head-mounted spring-loaded shooters and take aim with the rapid-fire stud shooter on top. When you run short on ammo, open the compartments and reload. In the Resistance fighters get too close, drop the mines at the back to give them a big surprise! Can the Resistance defeat this tough walker? That’s for you to decide…

The $149.99 set is one of 11 Lego Last Jedi offerings that will be available everywhere on Sept. 1.



(Photo: LEGO)
(Photo: LEGO)
Rey (Photo: LEGO)
Poe Dameron (Photo: LEGO)
First Order Walker Driver (Photo: LEGO)
First Order Stormtrooper (Photo: LEGO)
Resistance Fighter (Photo: LEGO)
(Photo: LEGO)
(Photo: LEGO)

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