'Star Wars' Exclusive Sneak Peek: Hasbro's Deluxe Luke Skywalker-Landspeeder Set

Marcus Errico
Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo Entertainment
Luke’s landspeeder mounts on a clear stand to simulate that sweet hover action. (Credit: Hasbro)

Luke Skywalker is all set to head down to Tosche Station for a rendezvous with Biggs, Windy, Deak, and Fixer in this exclusive first look at the latest addition to Hasbro’s premium Black Series line. The young moisture farmer can cruise the dunes of the twin-sunned planet, from Anchorhead to Mos Eisley, in his X-34 landspeeder.

Recreate one of the saga’s most famous deleted scenes: Luke watching the opening space battle unfold above Tatooine.
(Credit: Hasbro)

A major upgrade over the old-school Luke/landspeeder combo, this insanely detailed, highly articulated 6-inch figure is fully accessorized for his Tatooine routine  macrobinoculars, lightsaber hilt, and slugthrower rifle, as well as floppy hat and goggles worn by Mark Hamill in scenes that George Lucas ultimately excised from Star Wars: A New Hope. Heck, all that’s missing is a womp rat.

Luke (Mark Hamill) wearing his floppy hat in Star Wars deleted scene. (Credit: Lucasfilm)

The $59.99 set, which will arrive in stores this fall, will be among several new Hasbro toys on display at Star Wars Celebration. The fan-focused event runs Thursday through Sunday in Orlando and will include reveals of action figures and vehicles.

One of those will be the 6-inch Black Series version of Rey and her speeder from the opening moments of The Force Awakens.

Rey is ready to tackle a tough day of scavenging on Jakku; this $59.99 set will also be available in the fall. (Credit: Hasbro)
(Credit: Hasbro)

As we previously showed you, there will also be deluxe 6-inch incarnations of figures based on Kenner’s original Star Wars toys from 1978 in vintage packaging, which will be released in conjunction with next month’s 40th anniversary of A New Hope, as well as Luke in his X-wing gear (below), which will be exclusively available at the convention.

The exclusive 6-inch Celebration figure includes blaster and lightsaber and comes backed by a reproduction of Kenner’s artwork. (Credit: Hasbro)
(Credit: Hasbro)
(Credit: Hasbro)

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