Stanley Tucci Says Wife Felicity Blunt Doesn’t Get Jealous Over His Heartthrob Status: ‘I Wish She Would!’

Plus the actor says his kids "roll their eyes" at those who call him a sex symbol

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Stanley Tucci Says Felicity Blunt "Doesn't Care" About His Heartthrob Status

Stanley Tucci’s sex symbol status is not of interest to Felicity Blunt.

While chatting with Hoda Kotb, 59,  and Jenna Bush Hager, 41, on Tuesday, the Hunger Games star, 62, spoke about how his wife and children respond to “everyone talking about how hot [he] is.”

In a conversation about Tucci’s new cookware line available exclusively at Williams Sonoma, TUCCI by GeenPan, Bush Hager brought up the actor’s iconic cooking and bartending videos.

“One of the things food has brought you is notoriety,” says the Today with Hoda & Jenna co-host about Tucci’s viral social media clips that first blew up during the pandemic in 2020. “It’s kind of made you also a heartthrob.”

Kotb pipes in and adds that the Devil Wears Prada actor’s videos are “thirst traps!”

Bush Hager admits, “I’m sort of embarrassed with some of the things, especially since I adore your wife, that I’ve said about you,” and asks the celeb if his kids “make fun” of him.

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There are mixed reactions among his five children, Matteo, 8, Emilia, 5, fraternal twins Nicolo and Isabel, 23, and Camilla, 21, according to Tucci. “The older kids just roll their eyes. Because a lot of it came out during the pandemic and the comments were, you know...”

“‘Stanley’s hot!’,” Bush Hager says, finishing Tucci’s sentence.

“And my kids would be like, ‘Oh god, Dad, yuck. You're old and gross!’,” Tucci says before Kotb asks about Blunt's reaction.

“Does [your wife] get jealous when everyone’s talking about how hot you are?” questions Kotb.

“No, I wish she would! I wish she would!” Tucci adamantly replies of his wife, who is Emily Blunt's sister. “She couldn’t care less. I would be furious!”

Stanley Tucci/Instagram
Stanley Tucci/Instagram

Blunt is the person to credit for her husband’s internet fame, consider she first filmed the video of him making her a Negroni.

"I did that [first negroni demo] as an in-house thing for our agency — where my wife works [as a literary agent], and where I am represented here in London," he told PEOPLE in 2021. "And she said, 'Would you do a little cocktail thing, just for the Curtis-Brown people? It would be fun, cheer people up.' So I did. And then she said, 'Well, maybe put it on your Instagram.' And then the world changed."

He added that the couple enjoyed reading some of the "filthy, but funny" comments on the videos. "We laughed so hard, reading them out loud," he said.

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