Stankevicius Group Introduces SAIB: Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking

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SAIB: Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking. What is SAIB? SAIB explained.

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - January 28, 2022) - Stankevicius Group is pleased to announce SAIB: Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking. In connection to all mainstream Stankevicius Group existing companies and correlation to the provided services and usual client needs, Stankevicius business has been focusing a lot around financial services, public and private equity markets. Majority of Stankevicius MGM clients who come for public relations and investor relations consulting matters are one way or another associated with the financial industry. In most cases, clients run public relations and marketing campaigns for capital raising purposes to attract private investors and VCs.

Based on recent years overview, Stankevicius' business model has been primarily focusing around clients requiring financing. Stankevicius has participated heavily and taken a lot of companies public through ICOs and exchange offerings in the digital asset space. In 2018, Stankevicius was recognized as the leading public relations consultant for assisting digital asset companies to go public. At the market peak in 2019, Stankevicius tried to acquire CCN media, which was at the time top digital asset news reporting channel. The rumors spread quickly reaching even Cointelegraph.

By putting an overall to all provided services, current client requirements and future trends, the CEO of Stankevicius Group says that it is clear which way the business should be executed, and that is within the business line of financial services. Stankevicius is not a regulated financial institution and is not as of yet intended to be such or provide professional financial services, as a matter of fact, as Paulius Stankevicius says: "We only provide a combination of alternative services including public relations and investor relations, where we prepare client's project for capital raising and then introduce client to private equity investors, hedge funds, venture capital firms and other financial firms. We provide a full package of required consulting within regular consulting standards and regulations in the best way to assist clients and help them in their capital raising whether for private equity or even going public and being listed on an exchange."

Stankevicius is not an investment banking institution as of now, however, as Paulius Stankevicius says, we are an alternative option and more affordable option to investment banking, where we provide most of the primary consulting services that are expected from investment bankers which are mainly document preparation and capital raising.

Part of SAIB "Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking" is currently operated under S-DAB LLC "Stankevicius Digital Asset Banking" in connection with Stankevicius International, both European based entities. Based on the earlier release in Q1 2021 on Bloomberg, Paulius Stankevicius had stated to enter the banking industry. In the later article somewhere around Q4, the CEO mentioned that banking industry is very regulated and difficult to enter and that the group is facing some delays, however Paulius Stankevicius sees that SAIB initiative will bring the firm closer to financial industry and being able to serve the most demanding clients at the best capabilities.

SAIB has a vision to be the leading professional corporate consultant for taking traditional companies into the digital asset space and helping them to go public and be early adopters of metaverse. Stankevicius has been lately very active in the metaverse community and suggesting clients to enter the metaverse world by purchasing lands and building their business in the online world. This is specially important for real estate companies that can create a genuine breakthrough for a lot of traditional companies that are struggling to differentiate.

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Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking
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