Staging a 'Coop'... Chickens Take Over Nebraska Woman's Kitchen

A Nebraska woman’s kitchen was taken over by the chickens from the coop she keeps in her backyard while she took a “really quick” trip town.

Isabelle Medlock, from Alda, posted footage of the relentless takeover to Facebook, which showed the feathered fiends standing all over her countertops and various other kitchen surfaces.

“I ran to town really quick to grab a drink and came home to discover I didn’t secure the back door. SMH,” she wrote in the post, adding that the intruders “destroyed” the kitchen in “about an hour”.

Medlock told Storyful that she started raising chickens this year for eggs and meat due to the rising costs of both in stores.

“I have about 25 altogether. It’s hard to say for sure because chicken math is tough,” she joked.

“This has never happened before; however, since that night I now have to be careful when carrying out food because they wait for the door to open and try running inside,” Medlock said. Credit: Isabelle Medlock via Storyful

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