Staffie Expertly Cheats the Treadmill at Auckland Dog Training Facility

A Staffordshire bull terrier at a New Zealand dog training facility abides by the “work smarter not harder” mantra, if hilarious footage showing him expertly cheating at his workout is any indication.

Footage filmed by Amber Silich at the Good Dog Training facility in Auckland shows staffie Hari perched on the back of the treadmill, using only his front paws to pretend-walk on the belt, while his peers either side of him endure the full extent of their workout session.

Silich told Storyful that Hari is just under a year old, and is in for three weeks of behavioral training.

“He is a good boy for the most part but as you can see he is too smart for his own good, always pushing the limits and doing things the Hari way as opposed to what you might want,” she said. Credit: Amber Silich via Storyful

Video Transcript