Stacey Solomon shares moment Joe Swash reunites with their children after three weeks

Stacey Solomon has shared the adorable moment her youngest children, Rex and Rose, were reunited with their father after three weeks apart.

Swash returned to their family home in Essex following a work trip to South Africa where he was filming a new series, I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here All Stars.

Solomon shared videos of Swash’s reunion with their children to her Instagram Story on Wednesday (28 September). In the black and white clips, the children are playing on the bed, unaware that their father has arrived home.

“Early this morning we got daddy back,” Solomon captioned the clip. Moments later, Swash opens the door and runs in, shouting: “Hello!”

The older of the children, three-year-old Rex, quickly crawls across the bed and hugs his father, before Swash also picks up one-year-old Rose.

“Welcome home daddy. It’s only been three weeks, but it’s felt like ages! Cuddles all day for daddy and free arms for mummy,” Solomon said.

She also created a montage of clips from Swash’s first day back at home, showing him feeding and cuddling Rose.

In a separate post to her Instagram Story, Solomon shared a selection of mirror selfies the parents had taken with their children on Wednesday.

The pictures show the family grinning widely at the camera while Swash carries Rose and Rex, and Rex kissing his father’s cheek in one photograph.

“Daddy’s Home. And mum’s arms have never felt so free. I know it’s only been a few weeks but oh my goodness we missed you Joe Joe!” Solomon captioned the post.

“Time to catch up on some much needed wee’s alone & cuddles with my stubbley spider legs. Happy Wednesday everyone. PS I can’t get over how much Rex looks like Joe in this picture is it just me? or are they actual twins?”

Solomon also has two other children; Zachary, 14, from her previous relationship with Dean Dox, and Leighton, 10, from her relationship with Aaron Burnham.

Swash has a 15-year-old son named Harry from a previous relationship with Emma Sophocleous.