Stacey Abrams calls out President Trump's 'strongman language' and 'invocation of violence'

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

On Sunday, Justice Now: A BET Town Hall featured several activists discussing the current civil unrest with host Marc Lamont Hill. Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams was a guest and she did not hold back while discussing President Trump’s handling of the national crisis.

“This is a coward and a bully who uses strongman language and whose response to every crisis is to use dog whistle politics that have now gone beyond dog whistle to just direct invocation of violence against communities that he considers subhuman,” said Abrams.

In response to national protests over systemic racism and police brutality, Trump declared, “We will dominate the streets.” He dispatched the military to assist in the policing of protests and has repeatedly urged the use of force to quell protesters.

While Abrams believes Trump is wrong for trying to silence the millions of voices calling for justice reform and an end to racism, she is also concerned with the whole Republican party.

“We have a Republican party that has dehumanized, devalued, and put into the courts the blocking of progress,” said Abrams. Which is why she urged viewers to vote for Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election.

“We have to vote for someone who has openly said he's willing to profess change and create change,” said Abrams. “I support Joe Biden in whatever decision he makes because I know that he is the best solution to the moral rot that is currently inside the White House.”

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