'Squid Game' Foreshadowed All of the Show's Major Deaths

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Squid Game spoilers follow.

Like the big twist at the ending that many fans did not see coming, and the theories that show that there is indeed a game within a game, Netflix's Squid Game completely surprises the viewers, and even shatters our hearts.

But if you have watched Squid Game by now, you'll understand everything that happened in the show did so for a reason. Nothing was by chance. And if you look closely enough, you'll see a build-up, clues and even foreshadowing.

The first devastating death is that of Ali. During the marble game in the sixth episode, Sang-Woo tricks Ali into giving him his bag of marbles to make it fit around his neck, and Ali, who we have come to know as trusting, hands it to him. Little did he know that Sang-Woo had exchanged the bag and filled it with stones. And with no marbles left, Ali loses and is shot.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Ali's death is foreshadowed in the second episode after the players voted to end the game and were sent back home. In this episode, Ali goes into his boss's office, asking for his wages. He is out of the game with no money, and he needs the wages to survive. But as his boss insists that there is no money, Ali follows him and tries to take it from him. And in the gory scene that follows, his boss's fingers get stuck in a machine as Ali picks up the envelope of cash and runs away.

Just like Ali stole the envelope of cash, Sang-Woo stole the marbles that led Ali to his death.

The second main character to die is the gangster Deok-soo. In the fifth game, the players have 16 minutes to cross a bridge made of panes of both tempered and ordinary glass. But when it's time for Deok-Soo to move forward, he refuses, causing Mi-nyeo to bearhug him and plummet to their shared death.

But that isn't the first time we've seen him falling off a bridge. In the second episode, Deok-soo is betrayed by one of his minions. When he realises he is in a trap and outnumbered, he jumps off a bridge, surviving.

His fall off the glass bridge is also due to his betrayal of Mi-nyeo, who had told him, "I'll kill you if you ever betray me." And for someone who knows how bad betrayal is, he should have known better.

"He who lives by the sword dies by the sword," and in Sae-byeok's case, dying the same way she threatened to take someone out wasn't much of a surprise. After leaving the game the first time, the North Korean defector met with a man she had given money to to smuggle her parents out of the North, but when the man tells her he has been conned, she holds a knife to his neck, threatening him.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

The next time Sae-byeok comes in contact with a knife to the neck, she's the one lying in pain, bleeding from the glass stuck in her body after surviving the glass game, as Sang-woo slits her throat and finishes her off.

The last foreshadowed death is that of Sang-woo himself. Before the games, with the police looking for him and no hope of escaping, he decides to die by suicide by hanging himself in his apartment. However, he doesn't see it through as he hears a knock on the door.

The knock saves him and prevents him from dying, but there isn't any knock to save him the second time. With Gi-hun calling to end the game (and therefore forfeit the money), Sang-woo decides there is nothing left to live for.

Squid Game has shown that the creators didn't leave anything to chance as there is a hidden message behind everything. All details are important. And one cannot help but wonder what they have in store for us if the show gets renewed for a second season.

Squid Game is now available to watch on Netflix.

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