A Squeeze Of Lemon Will Unlock A New Flavor For Your Frozen Pizza

squeezing lemon juice on pizza
squeezing lemon juice on pizza - frantic00/Shutterstock

Pineapple is a controversial pizza topping, but it's not the only fruit worth considering. While actual pieces of lemon may be a step too far for some, adding lemon juice or zest to your frozen pizza (one of many reasons you should hold on to leftover lemon peels) can enhance its flavor profile. Regardless of your pie's toppings, the subtle lemon flavor provides an acidic zing that complements the fatty cheese and doughy crust.

Former pizzeria chef Gretchen Holm explained to Insider that frozen pizza lacks a fresh flavor due to its prepackaged nature. Therefore, she recommends dusting the top with lemon zest after it comes out of the oven or giving it a light squeeze of juice. The brightness of the lemon provides a freshness that can help bring a frozen pizza to life.

Similarly, lemon juice or zest pairs perfectly with a variety of pizza sauces, ranging from classic marinara to truffle cream sauce or even pesto. The reason that lemon complements an array of flavors so well is due to the way citrus cuts through other ingredients. While lemon arguably belongs with the fresh herbs in pesto, it also helps to balance out richer dairy-based sauces.

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There Are Many Different Ways To Use Lemon On Pizza

Veggie pizza with lemon rind
Veggie pizza with lemon rind - Burwellphotography/Getty Images

Meribo Pizza in Louisiana took this idea of lemon to the next level when it introduced its chicken, broccoli, and lemon pizza, which includes thin slices of lemon on the pie. While this may be a controversial move, it points to an intriguing flavor combination that has historical context. The addition of lemon dates back to classic Neapolitan pizzas and is prevalent along Italy's Amalfi Coast. While unconventional for most pizza lovers, the freshness that the citrus brings is well-established in the culinary world, which is why it's the perfect quick and easy hack to improve your frozen pizza.

If fresh citrus is too much of a commitment, you can opt for a drizzle of lemon-infused olive oil on the crust to try it out. This will also give your frozen crust a nice crunch in the oven. Similarly, lemon-infused honey is a great drizzle that brings a fresh sweetness to your pie. Using lemon juice as a dressing for arugula and then adding the mixture to a slice after baking is another great way to test the flavor combinations.

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